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    Jordan Kendhammer is an Arizona native, born and raised in Phoenix.  Jordan acquired a unique skill set as he worked as a realtor, business consultant, and in the hospitality industry while pursuing his academic goals.  He graduated from Northern Arizona University in 2002, earning a bachelors of science in Microbiology.  Jordan later earned his law degree from Arizona Summit Law School.  While in law, school he received advanced training in alternative dispute resolution and became a certified mediator.  In his final year of law school, he excelled in the area of legal research and earned advanced legal research certificates from Westlaw and LexisNexis. 
    His areas of practice are currently focused on Medical Malpractice, Asset Protection, and Business Consulting.    

    Jordan believes in the importance of giving back to the community. He volunteers with various community organizations, which provide greater access to legal assistance to those who cannot afford legal advice.  He is also an active board member and the treasure for Arizona Summit Alumni Association.  When Jordan is not practicing law, you may find him on the trails of Arizona biking or running as he prepares for his next endurance event.

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